Waste4change and IATPI Call For Action to Responsible Waste Management

Strengthen collaboration, Waste4change and IATPI Bali call for action to responsible waste management. (Photo: Sita Maharani)

DENPASAR, – Waste is one of the most pressing environmental problems in the modern era. From urban areas to remote areas of the ocean, the uncontrolled accumulation of waste is damaging ecosystems and threatening life on our Earth. It poses a significant threat to the environment due to its potential to cause pollution, habitat destruction, health risks, climate change, resource depletion, water contamination, and loss of biodiversity.

Improper disposal, particularly of plastics, chemicals, and hazardous materials, can lead to soil, water, and air pollution, endangering ecosystems and wildlife. Furthermore, the release of methane from landfills exacerbates climate change, while electronic waste contributes to resource depletion and habitat destruction. Agricultural and industrial runoff contaminate water sources, threatening both human health and aquatic life.

The environment in Bali is considered sacred and respected as the home of ancestral spirits, gods, and the universe. It is characterized by the belief of Nista, Madya and Utama Mandala. Therefore, preserving nature and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem is part of the spiritual and moral obligations. In addition, Bali as a famous tourist destination is also very dependent on the sustainability of its environment. A beautiful environment and sustainable nature are the main attractions for tourists visiting the island. Therefore, protecting the environment is key to maintaining economic and social sustainability in Bali.

Waste4Change is a social enterprise founded in Indonesia in 2014 under PT Greeneration Indonesia and PT Bumi Lestari Bali (Eco Bali). Its main goal is to develop sustainable solutions in waste management. Their mission is to create an environmentally friendly, innovative, and affordable system for communities, companies, and governments. Waste4Change believes that transformation starts with awareness. Therefore, their first step is to raise public awareness about the importance of managing waste responsibly. By holding educational campaigns (AKABIS), workshops, and community activities, Waste4Change helps individuals and organizations to realize the consequences of waste to the environment and encourages them to take action.


AKABIS Xperience with PUPR on Tuesday, December 28, 2021. (Photo:

Responsible waste management involves various practices aimed at reducing the amount of waste generated, reusing materials whenever possible, recycling materials that can be processed into new products, and properly disposing of hazardous waste. It requires collaboration among individuals, businesses, governments, and communities to adopt practices that prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship. Waste4change Facilitates clients with segregated waste transportation, segregated bins, as well as reports on waste flow. Be it Residential Area Waste Management, Personal Waste Management, Event Waste Management to Commercial Are Waste Management.

This time, Waste4Change, in collaboration with IATPI (Indonesian Association of Environmental Engineering and Sanitation Alumni), is showcasing the Event Waste Management (EWM), at the 10th World Water Forum, which will be held in 8 days until May 25, 2024. This significant forum, held every three years by the World Water Council, serves as a crucial platform for international leaders to discuss and tackle global water issues. This collaboration aims to carry out Event Waste Management (EWM) alongside EcoBali, waste management professionals.

Pandu Priambodo, the EWM Project Director at Waste4Change, expresses Waste4Change’s appreciation for the Organizing Committee of the 10th World Water Forum by exemplifying the implementation of a Zero Waste to Landfill concept for the global forum. The 10th World Water Forum which is expected to be attended by around 30,000 participants, requires support and cooperation from various parties. The importance of commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles is a reflection of the vision of sustainability. By involving all these elements, the event can be an effective platform to champion positive change in terms of environmental, social and sustainable governance.


Chairman of IATPI Bali, Dr. Ir. Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra, ST, SDs, MA, IPU, ASEAN Eng. (Photo: Sita Maharani)

Thus, Waste4Change and IATPI have a strong believe that in the future, event organizers will increasingly adopt the #AcaraBaik standard to ensure that the waste generated does not end up polluting the environment. This reflects the optimism that awareness of the importance of sustainable practices is growing among event organizers, which in turn will bring positive impacts to the environment and society. (*)

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